Shop? Yes, we're going to have a shop!

Ever since we knew we were moving to Madley, we knew we wanted to have a shop on site. We have the polytunnels yes, but it's impossible to keep anything dry in there because there's so much moisture in the air; card and paper just absorbs it and then curls up and looks horrible. Added to this, the sun shining down through the polythene fades paper and card packaging so it doesn't look very nice for very long. So the solution is to have all the other things we'd like to sell in a warm dry home..and we've found one that we think is up to the task! It's a 6m x 5m log cabin and it's being delivered towards the end of November. One great thing is that because it's more then 2m from our boundary and within a certain size, we don't need planning permission. It's sitting on a site previously occupied by a shed near the cafe and it will be up and running for the start of the Spring season 2018, the date we've set is the 1st of March.

We spent a week recently dismantling the shed and clearing the surrounding flower bed and then we had heaps of soil excavated for the base to go in. That should happen in the next couple of weeks if all goes to plan and it doesn't rain anymore. As you can see from the final photo below, our once perfect shed base hole became a swimming pool after a recent downpour!

Simon Blackmore