New covers for the polytunnels (January 2018)

After getting a split in one of the polytunnels late last year, we booked a team to come and re-cover them in January. Then we had the snow in early December and we got 4 more rips in the tunnel and then all the snow on top fell into the tunnel. Whoops. The plastic was then finished off in the really high winds and after that we cut down what we could as it was just flapping away like sails on top of the polytunnel.

The team turned up to start re-covering on Monday 29th and were finished by lunchtime of Thursday 1st February in time for our re-opening after the winter break.

There were 4 guys in the team and they worked so hard, starting at 7 and finishing in the dark around 5 each day. The first day they stripped all the remaining old covers off and started recovering the next morning at 7 under site lights.

Here's a few shots of progress throughout the project...

Simon Blackmore