The shop is open! (1 March 2018)

Finally the shop is now open and is housed in a lovely log cabin that we built ourselves throughout the winter. It's twin-walled so benefits from insulation between those walls and also under the floor and in the roof too so will be a pleasure to visit all year round. Previously we only had the polytunnels to keep stock in and product either got too damp from the moisture in the air or the packaging faded from the sunlight through the plastic. Now being able to keep things warm and dry we can really expand on the products we sell here at the nursery. We've also moved the till from the polytunnel to the shop so if you can't find us out in the display area or in the polytunnels, we'll be in there!

We like to have as wide a variety of products on sale here at Madley Plants from garden essentials such as tying wire, tree ties, vine ties and plant labels right through to wonderful watering cans and gifts for gardeners. We also have some gorgeous garden twines, pruners, loppers, plant food, child and pet safe garden care products, spades, forks as well as hosepipes and associated accessories.

Our suppliers include household names such as HozelockSpear and JacksonHawsNutscene and Fiskars as well as some lesser known, but equally respectable suppliers such as EcofectiveDarlac and PlantGrow. Seasonally, we will also be looking to stock hand made products sourced as locally to here as possible. We've linked to the suppliers above so click on the brand and take a look for yourself.

We're also very pleased to be retailers of Certainly Wood's fantastic kiln dried logs, kindling and flamers, their natural firelighters. All products are equally good for fires in the winter as they are for BBQs, fire pits and outside ovens in the warmer months.

Gift vouchers are available for spending here at Madley Plants, in either the nursery or the shop, and come in  £10, £15, £20 and £25 values.

The shop is open the same hours as the nursery, currently from 10am until 4pm, 7 days a week.

Simon Blackmore